Ten Golden Rules for Dating as a Christian

Ten Golden Rules for Dating as a Christian

Here are ten golden rules of dating to help you find love without breaking your Christian values and morals.

Put God First

As believers, it isn't just a golden rule that you must follow when dating, but it's something you must incorporate in every aspect of your life. Without accepting God first, you can never truly love or open your heart to others.

Only by giving all your soul, mind, and heart to the Lord first can you truly open your heart to someone. That's because doing so will lead you to the right path and help you find the right partner.

Seek the Advice of Those who Truly Love and Know You

Even if you have faith, sometimes, you may find yourself doing things that go against your religious beliefs and morals.

For this reason, you must rely on your true Christian friends. These people are the ones who will always have your back and never shy away from calling you out when you're doing something wrong in your relationship.

Avoid Rushing Things

When you're on your first date with someone new, remember not to rush things and take things slow. If your date doesn't wish to talk about their:

  • Work
  • Future plans & goals
  • Previous relationships

In such a case, don't push or pressure them for an answer. If someone isn't interested in talking about such matters, it's their right, and you must respect that. Also, avoiding physical intimacy before getting serious is a good idea.

Always be Kind, Sincere, and Respectful

Always be considerate of the individual you go on dates with. Remember that they're just as nervous or worried as you are. As such, you shouldn't behave in a manner that would likely make them uncomfortable.

When you're kind, respectful, and sincere, it becomes easier for your companion to trust and open up. Thus, allowing you to connect much better with the person and know them.

Don't Lose Your True Self

Very often, people tend to lose their true selves in hopes to impress their dates. Doing so will only make you unhappy and even ruin your relationship.

To find your ideal Christian girl, you have to be willing to show your true self. In doing so, you can avoid being with someone who doesn't share the same morals, beliefs, and perspectives.

Never Forget Your Morals

In all serious relationships, physical intimacy is important. As such, if you or your date doesn't want anything serious, avoid such temptations. Whatever happens, never let anyone change your values.

Be firm and discuss your moral boundaries with your lover. When both you and your partner respect & support each other's morals and desires, it creates a strong foundation for a healthy relationship.

Know that You Can't Change Others

Even if you pray to change someone or that someone will listen to your wishes, it won't work. The truth is, you'll come across such situations as you move forward in life. You just have to accept that you can't change people; only God can.

Praying won't help someone to change if they don't want to. But, if you ever find yourself in such circumstances, you have two options. Either accept them as they are and cope, or you can leave.

Keep Your Purpose Honest & Realistic

It's important to ensure that you let your partner know about your relationship's expectations. Talk to them about the things you want; it could be regarding children, marriage, or moving abroad.

In doing so, you can move forward knowing you both want the same things and support one another. This way, you can also prevent possible breakups or challenges in the future.

Limit Your Expectations

Always have a sensible & reasonable preference regarding the personal attributes of your date. As a devoted and God-fearing Christian, you shouldn't date or love someone for their characteristics but their spirituality and sensuality.

Let True Love be Your Guide, not Lust

Another golden rule for dating as a believer is learning to differentiate between lust and true love. Resisting the physical temptations and choosing true love isn't easy, but doing so will help you understand what true love is.