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TenderBlacks History- Nitty-gritty

A site for all black singles and those who love them, this website hosts members of the non-black community, too, albeit a few. The site was created solely to cater to black needs, including gay, fetish, and kink dating. The site is a part of the Tender group of dating service providers. It boasts countless personals of black singles looking for black dating and interracial relationships. The site, historically a black meets site, now plays host to Hispanics and Latinos seeking black loving. It is a good platform for black singles and those seeking to connect with the same, like-minded, safe, and intimate level.

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TenderBlacks Features

Free Features

For most dating sites and their members, free-to-use accounts rarely have much to offer in terms of features. However, it is not a waste of time to join if you happen to be on a budget.

  • Make use of the essential search criteria, i.e., search for members based on age, gender, location, and online/offline.
  • Members can upload photos and videos to their profiles.
  • There is a Like Gallery which members can browse.
  • Free members can browse profiles and search for members.

Paid Features

As is with all sites, there are commendable and valuable features offered once you upgrade to a paid membership.

  • Tenderblacks premium account holders enjoy unlimited messaging.
  • Check out full-sized pictures of other members.
  • Make use of advanced search parameters on premium packages.
  • Get to enjoy video and photo chatting – it makes for fun online dating.
  • Access to complete profile information plus total views.
  • Members who want to try the 3-day trial may opt for that but need to cancel it before auto-renewal.

TenderBlacks App – going Mobile?

The site has no downloadable app available. However, there is a site that is adaptive to mobile devices. If you happen to be a member who is always on the go, this site will come in handy. Take to updating profile information, messaging other Tenderblacks members, and browsing their profiles on the mobile site. Suppose you find yourself to be a tad less tech-savvy. In that case, this mobile site brings together the same features found on the desktop site, for convenience, with similar functionalities. You will find it easy to transition from one to the other. Therefore, get your mobile device ready as you take a jog, or a cab ride, in a new hood.

TenderBlacks App

TenderBlacks Review: Tenderblacks Members

The site boasts black and non-black members seeking like-minded people for primarily casual dating. A majority of the members are young black males and females, with the older crowd taking a back seat. Online dating for blacks has never been easier, as they get to meet other non-blacks who love them too and are seeking their companionship. The site plays host to several members of varying sexual identities, including transgender and bisexuals. There are plenty of youngsters looking for serious relationships on one of the coolest, born-again Christian dating sites. Join now to find that match made in heaven.

TenderBlacks Members

Subscription Plans

Joining any dating site, particularly one with outstanding features like this one, requires that you upgrade to a premium account.

Plan Price Total
1 month 34.99$ 34.99$
3 months 19.99$ 59.97$
6 months 15.99$ 95.94$

Like several other modern born-again Christian dating sites, this site boasts cool features solely to paying members. To fully capitalize on what the website has to offer and to realize the joys of online dating, it is suggested that members upgrade to a premium package.

Anonymity and Security

This fancy dating site isn't so fancy when it comes to the security of its members. All chatting is carried out on SSL encrypted platforms. This means nothing is leaked, and all personal information remains on the website. Additionally, there is no risk of financial data getting into the wrong hands.

As you plan for some epic dating and upload your financial information to upgrade your account, no data will be lost. This use of SSL is what gives users peace of mind on Tenderblacks.

Incidentally, from the onset, profiles are vetted and identity verified via email. Therefore, your security is ensured from the get-go.

Pros and Cons

  • Niche black site – no need to go far to find black loving
  • Mobile optimized site for all things profile and messaging
  • A large pool of sound similarly minded members to engage
  • There are compelling, vetted personals for all to peruse
  • Free features available for budget-oriented members
  • No mobile app is available
  • The site isn't as strict with vetting profiles as it should be
  • Tenderblacks site boasts a few bogus personals
  • It is too focused on blacks, not enough variety or contextual differences for whites to feel comfortable

Tenderblacks Users Reviews

You need to create a profile that is compelling enough for the black community to find you attractive. I did, as a white dude, and I'm enjoying interracial dating to the fullest.
Larry, Miller, 45, PA.

Find yourself a single black lady with ease by stating what you need without beating around the bush. I love Tenderblacks because the members are genuine.
Jimmy, Foster, 29, MD.

Take time to upload a decent profile pic, especially a compelling, detailed profile, and await messages in your inbox. The site works if you work it.
Luke, Garnett, 31, NJ.

Experts Conclusion – Bottom Line

Take time to finalize your profile with decent photos and especially with a fully detailed preference list. This is what makes or breaks your online experience. I spent hours uploading and removing photos I didn't find attractive till I found the right ones. As a female, it was important not to be too explicit or overexpose me. So I stuck to fully-clothed pics without spending too much time on lewd conversations and focusing more on what I needed in terms of companionship. This site boasts beautiful people with genuine intentions of getting hitched or hooking up with no ill-wills. I would highly recommend it.


How many Messages Can I Send on Tenderblacks – any limits?

Members on premium packages have unlimited messaging.

How many Photos Can I Upload on Tenderblacks – any limits?

There are no photo upload limits on Tenderblacks.

Can I subscribe to a three-day trial membership more than once at Tenderblacks?

No. The three-day trial membership is a one-time offer.

Try for free today – you won't be disappointed.