7 Christian Dating Prayers

7 Christian Dating Prayers

Sometimes all you need is a prayer to receive all the essential resources for healthy and happy relationships.

If your dating life isn't going well, you should start praying more. If you don't know how to start, these seven prayers can offer you the help you need.

Guide us and Help us Overcome the Perils of Modern Dating

Almighty Father, I'm here today, offering my prayer to guide and help make choices that will strengthen my relationship with my significant other. You see, the modern dating scene is so broken – it's filled with broken relationships, toxic communications, affairs, unnecessary ambiguity.

As such, I fear that these circumstances will also become my reality. Lord, I beg for your help and wisdom. Please guide my partner and I to do all things through your will and avoid making choices that deviate from our morals and principles. Please bless our relationship so that our love gets stronger. Amen.

Strengthen Our Love

Father, I'm forever grateful for helping me cross paths with my ideal date. It is through you that I have met the girl of my dreams. Now that we're together, I desperately request you to fill our hearts with immense love for one another like your unwavering love.

Dear God, please let me remain patient and kind to my partner and never make room for envy in my heart. Kindly give my partner and me the courage and strength to support each other in times of need and let our compassion grow only stronger with time. Amen.

Prayer for Forgiveness and Embracing Differences

Faithful God, my Saviour, thank you for forgiving our sins and embracing us despite our flaws and imperfections. When we ever find ourselves in a disagreement or conflict, allow us to forgive without any grudges as you have forgiven us. Even in times of arguments, may our faith in you remain strong and never falter.

Let us be as gracious and accepting as you so that my partner and I can embrace each other's differences. Let there be no terms and conditions in our relationship but just unconditional love. Give us the wisdom to recognize that accepting our differences will help us build a strong bond. Amen.

Help us Express Our Love Effectively

Lord, as you know, most people today struggle to express their feelings to their partners. We pray that you kindly give us the ability to express our feelings in ways that show how much we care for the other.

May our minds be filled with loving words so we can use them whenever we're lost for words. May we have the wisdom to understand each other's love language, so we know how to express ourselves, making our significant other feel appreciated and loved. Amen.

Healthy Communication in Dating

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for being a beacon of source for all our happiness and joys. We desperately seek your guidance to help us communicate well on Christian dating sites.

Kindly let us become gracious beings, so we only speak words of affection and kindness. Even in conflict, please give us the strength to stop ourselves from using words that might hurt our partners. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Stop our Affection for One Another from Committing Sins

Loving Father, please help me:

  • Differentiate between infatuation and affection
  • Make me aware when I start to forget my core values and morals and
  • Prevent me from ignoring, excusing, or overlooking sins

Please give me the insight to stop me from making unhealthy compromises in relationships. Guide me in ways that allow me to recognize my mistakes and stop me from doing them again. Lord, please fill my eyes with your beauty and truth. Amen.

Please Give us the Strength to Keep Lust and Temptations Far

Lord Jesus Christ, you have guided me through every aspect of my life, and I'm forever grateful to you for that. Please protect our relationship from falling into temptations and maintain sexual purity.

We submit our soul, body, and heart to you, Lord, so please give us the strength to keep our minds and bodies pure. Even when on Christian dating sites, kindly guide me to the right path, and rid my mind of all the unholy sexual thoughts. In Jesus' name, Amen.