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Myblacky History – nitty gritty

For all things black dating and hookups, this forum boasts African Americans, Africans, and non-blacks who love them. As the name suggests, it draws you closer to a black partner, your lover, or long-term buddy. It boasts primarily black people looking to date black singles. However, it is increasingly playing host to Caucasians, Latinos et al. seeking some black loving. One of the most popular black Christian dating sites offering a sound dating platform with security and ease-of-use in mind. Join the site today and get your black dating going for the short or long term.

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Myblacky Features

Free Features

Most dating sites offer features galore for paying members. In contrast, free-to-use members get to enjoy one or two flirty messaging options. On Myblacky dating site, free members enjoy:

  • Free members get registration and signup, which includes profile creation.
  • You can upload a photo on the platform and video uploads, which are pretty neat free features.
  • Free members can send likes to other users.
  • And last but not least, you can receive matches daily.

These free-to-use features are commendable, and for those who may be budget-oriented, they present a viable option.

Paid Features

For paying clients, however, the features are slightly more enhanced. More options are available, making it a more attractive package. First off, all features availed for free members are available for paying clients. Additionally, paying members to enjoy:

  • Preset suggested flirty pick up lines.
  • Myblacky paying members have access to other profiles.
  • You get notifications showing who liked your profile and those who checked you out.
  • Get to send and receive messages on paid memberships.
  • Get to see who is online and offline, so you know which Myblacky members to engage.

Myblacky App – going mobile?

This dating site has no mobile app available, but members can peruse all they like on the mobile site. The mobile adaptive site boasts the same features found on the desktop site, making it easy for those familiar with the website to use it on mobile devices. This is usually a problem with less tech-savvy members who join online dating and need to use mobile devices, which in this case, will not be a problem. You can upload photos, send messages and update your profile information while on the move. Get to online dating while on the go with Myblacky mobile site today.

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Myblacky Members

The site boasts a 60 -40 ratio between women, and men, with members joining from all over the world. Africans, African Americans, and Caucasians worldwide join, seeking black singles to love. The site plays host to several genders, including, of course, transgender and the bisexual community. Because this is a non-discriminatory site, all sexual orientations are encouraged to join, and they do. The user base also ranges in terms of age, with thousands of members falling over the 40s age range. Take time to create a decent profile, and you will engage diverse members at once. Make use of flirty, preset messages and unlimited messaging to reach out to members.

Myblacky Members

Subscription Plans

Take time to explore payment plans. They make for swifter communication between you and potential matches. Get to dating faster on subscription plans.

Plan Price
1 month 34.99$
3 months 59.96$
6 months 95.94$

For all matters of dating, online dating sites tend to offer unlimited messaging to paying members only. The essence of online dating happens to be communication, i.e., messaging. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to take on a subscription. Failure to have a paid membership makes it harder to find love, or indeed a hookup online, defeating the purpose of online dating.

Anonymity and Security

This fancy dating site allows members to browse profiles only after email verification. This security measure ensures that your dating experience will not involve any scammers or BOTS. For all messaging and indeed financial transactions, your platform boasts SSL encryption.

This, which should be certified, helps keep your data confined on the site and used only for authorized purposes. This means no leakage occurs while using the Myblacky dating app. There are no instances of hacking or misuse of personal data.

This fancy and modern dating platform gives members the ability to block shady members for even sounder dating.

Pros and Cons

  • Niche interracial site makes it easier to find what you seek
  • Intuitive web design makes for a responsive website, both desktop and Mobile
  • Membership plans are easy to Deactivate online
  • Dedicated Myblacky matchmaking service works excellent to bring you closer to matches nearby
  • Too engrossed in blacks and the black community
  • Myblacky profiles cannot be viewed unless one is a paying member
  • There are no coin plans on the Myblacky dating site
  • Every member can see your photos
  • Myblacky isn't a formal, presentable, or respectful site name

Myblacky Users Reviews

I never thought I'd see the day, but here I am, dating a model I met on Myblacky. It seems far-fetched, but I found intimacy and my dream girl while online dating.
Kevin, Garnett, 31, MD.

I would recommend this site to anyone black, gay single man/woman. There is no bias here, simply a whole bunch of like-minded, friendly singles looking for you.
Gary, Carter, 19, MI.

I am an elderly black man, and though I appreciate interracial dating, and I enjoyed it for a while, I found my black goddess on this site, and I felt I should encourage others to join.
Larry, Barnes, 44, NJ.

Experts Conclusion – Bottom Line

Why spend time and money barhopping when love awaits you online, and all you need is a decent profile? Take time to create that compelling profile you have in mind, and watch the magic happen. This site does provide a matchmaking service, with security and discretion in mind. You will enjoy chatting away on SSL encrypted platforms, with the most excellent chatting options on the web, including flirtatious suggestions. These you should use to engage only those crushes you deem potential long-term lovers, not flings or hookups. The site goes a long way to ensure safety, so as compelling as profiles are, they are real. I enjoy them thoroughly, daily.


How Many Messages Can I Send on Myblacky any limits?

Send unlimited messages only on a premium account. Free members can only send likes.

How Many Photos Can I Upload on Myblacky –any limits?

There are no limits to the number of photos you can upload on Myblacky.

Is There a Limit to the times you Can Subscribe to a trial Membership on Myblacky?

Upon review, it doesn't seem like Myblacky offers any 3-day trial membership.

Join Myblacky for free today – this niche site does not disappoint.