Laymatures Review

Let’s Start with the Laymatures History

Laymatures site allows singles who are looking for some companionship with single mature locals. This dating site provides both the chance to find love and a long-lasting relation or a simple hookup online. This dating site has been operating for a couple of years.

Alongside other dating sites, it is owned by TSL, a company based in Malta. With time, Laymatures have become accessible in various countries around the world, although most of them are English-speaking. Ultimately, the site promises its members the best possible experience, and we’ll look at how it does it.

Laymatures Sign in

Laymatures Features to Pay Attention

To start the review, we focused on the features of the Laymatures website. There are many options for using the features, as it depends on the user's subscription. Let’s start with a free option.

Users Free Features

Like any other site in its niche, Laymatures offers free and paid services. According to dating site tradition, the initial sign-up to the site is free. This is also the case with Laymatures. The only restriction during the process is the age at which you have to be at least 18 to join.

Once you are all signed up, you can create your profile, which is also free of charge. Other free features include using the search bar with minimal filters, looking up other profiles, and using the like gallery tool.

Users Paid Features

Paid features are optional at Laymatures. However, the chances of enjoying your experience on the dating site are better with them. Depending on your needs, the site offers various subscription plans, which we will look at later. Chat features are charged, especially if you want to use them extensively.

For example, you are only allowed a certain number of texts before being required to pay for it. Additionally, the Laymatures site will not allow you to react to the image uploads of other members. To do this will have to get a paid subscription as well.

Laymatures App Possibility

Unlike some of its competition, Laymatures offers an app version of the dating site. This is a convenient way to date online, especially because many people live in an app-driven world. The Laymatures app is responsive.

The app has been designed with great navigation, and it works with a minimalistic approach that is convenient for most users. This is because you can achieve what you're looking for with the app alone. The app is great, and for many users of Laymatures, it is something that should be considered

Laymatures App

Laymatures Members

The member structure of Laymatures is rather simple. The website's main market is centered in the United States, although other countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia can be included in the mix. More than 60% of users are male, outnumbering women by more than two times.

Women also make up the older population on the website even though most of the users are between the ages of 20 to 48. The Laymatures dating site does not host a large population of LGBTQ members. However, there are no restrictions against sexual orientation.

Subscription Plans

The pricing on Laymatures is divided into four different subscription plans. The first is a one-day play for newly signed up members who are unsure about the dating site and wish to test some of the features. This plan will cost less than $1.

If you want to explore for a longer period, a weekly subscription will cost about $ 6. The last subscription plans are for one and three months and cost $25 and $41 respectively. Laymatures site or app takes credit cards. Cards are automatically charged, so it's important to keep track, just in case you’d like to cancel a subscription.

Anonymity and Security

Anonymity of the Laymatures dating site could be added as one of the several premium features. This is because browsing in incognito mode is not a feature of members without a subscription. In general, the website does a good job of securing its members’ information. As a member, you won’t have to worry about having any of your important data stolen.

Additionally, the Laymatures site maintains a safe platform for members, especially in dealing with abuse reports. Around-the-clock customer service is present to help tackle security issues and work swiftly to find a solution.

Pros and Cons

As with any dating site, there are many pros and cons to using GetMatures whether you’re hoping to find love, lust, or something in the middle. If you’re still unsold about online dating in general or want to know more about GetMatures, check out our list of pros and cons to find out more:

  • Get registered and create your profile for free
  • Registration is not complicated and doesn't take much time to complete
  • You can search various local in your area, chances of finding a match are good
  • Some accounts are offered to members
  • Provides reliable security for its members to prevent any loss of important personal data.
  • It offers an app version, but it has a few bugs on which experts are working to improve navigation
  • The male population outnumbers the female by a lot
  • Is not the best dating site for members who are not straight due to the small number of LGBTQ representation
  • Some of the pricing could be discouraging, especially to new members

Laymatures Users Reviews

I have been single for a while, and using laymatures helped me find an amazing partner, and couldn’t be happier.
Sara, 33, Nevada

Laymatures could be considered a Christian dating site for seniors as it is very respectful to all users and doesn’t allow nudity.
LovelyJane, 43, Washington

The website is very easy to use, and I am having a blast. It's definitely worth the money! Thanks
Hovard, 24, New York

Experts Conclusion

Laymature has all the necessary parts of working as a functional dating site. One of its appealing features is that it promises users a chance to find love. For those who are looking for the hangout option, the Laymatures is also available. The Laymatures dating site has a minimalistic design, and the usability is impressive. This ensures that all members master the important functions which enable them to connect.

Pricing could be a bit intimidating for some users, especially newly registered members, but most members don't have this problem. In conclusion, Laymatures are worth the shot, especially if you are looking for a loving relationship.


Is there a possibility to send free messages at Laymatures?

Getting a subscription will allow you to send as many messages as you want. You can check all the possibilities on the site’s landing page or ask for support.

Can I upload as many photos as I want at the Laymatures site?

You are at liberty to upload as many as you feel will make your profile appealing. Try to upload high-quality photos as they play a huge role when searching for dates.

Do I have an option to get a free three-day trial membership at Laymatures?

A free trial is only offered once, and you have to pay for it. An additional subscription is required for paid features. With a trial membership, you can check all the features.