Best International Christian Dating Sites

As one of the most popular religions, you are a Christian means you have so much in common with people worldwide.

International Christian dating sites have opened up a new way of finding true love by matching you with fellow Christians in different towns, cities, and countries all over.

They’re a great way of exploring romance without being restricted by location. And unlike popular dating sites or apps, they specialize in matching you with someone who has the same values, morals, and hopes that you have.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best international dating sites for you to try. Each one is sure to expand your love life, and who knows? You might find your soulmate. excels in matching you with eligible singles across the world with a simple design and great search features.


  • Easy registration
  • Active member base across different countries
  • Advanced search filters make finding a specific type of person easy
  • The website is mobile optimized

If you’d like to message black Christians, can make it happen! It’s an active dating site with great free features.


  • Easy registration
  • An equal balance of men and women use the site
  • Affordable premium membership
  • The website is mobile optimized

Meet older single Christians overseas or close to home with Signup is simple, and the website is easy to use.


  • Easy registration
  • Specifically caters towards senior daters
  • ‘Like Gallery’ makes matchmaking quick and easy
  • The website is mobile optimized

As one of the fastest Christian dating sites, this site features personality matchmaking and message boards. You’ll make deep, meaningful connections quickly and easily.


  • Longer, more in-depth signup
  • Personality matchmaking
  • Message boards for personals
  • It has a popular app

As one of the most popular dating sites, is a useful way of meeting and messaging international Christians through matchmaking and personality quizzes.


  • Easy registration
  • Has a mobile app
  • Personality matchmaking
  • Verification options
  • Variety of search filters

How Do I Meet Single International Christians?

Christians traditionally found friendship and love within their church or at places of worship. However, nowadays, if you want to meet Christians from all walks of life outside your town or city, you’re going to have to use the internet.

International Christian dating sites specialize in matching you with like-minded people worldwide – location is no longer a restriction.

The benefits of these international sites are tenfold. You will already have so much in common with them by both being Christians and leading very different lives.

You will learn more about different Christian cultures while also teaching about your own. This shared learning experience is an intimate and innovative way of building a relationship with someone special.

For this reason, many international dating sites offer personality matchmaking and verification options so that you can be confident that who you are talking to is legit and genuine.

What Are the Best International Christian Sites to Chat on? is a great place to chat with other Christian singles because it has various communication methods available to you for free.

These include being able to:

  • message individual profiles,
  • Post personals on message boards
  • join ‘meetups,’ which are hosted on Zoom and can cover various topics, including lifestyle, history, prayer groups, and games.

You can also adjust the search filters on the site across several countries, allowing you to chat with international Christians very easily.

Benefits of International Christian Dating Sites

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. And by using international Christian dating sites, you’re sure to meet some very interesting people.

Faith is a uniting force, and you will already have so much in common and so much to talk about with international matches.

If you’re both following traditional Christian values, the slow pace of an international relationship can be very beneficial. You can spend quality time getting to know each other.

Dating sites recognize that it’s so important we have community and companionship, no matter the distance. Many have video-chat services or instant messaging to make those thousands of miles between you both disappear.

Milestones of Online International Christian Dating?

Long-distance relationships can be unique. Typically, the first milestone after you introduce yourselves is building up to an all-important video call.

This will help you know your match in a more personal, friendly way – other than just messaging.

Depending on the distance between you both, the next step could be to meet in person halfway, or one of you makes a trip over. This is one of the more exciting parts of international dating, as you get to explore new countries, cultures, and places with a friendly face!

How to Pick the Best International Christian Dating Site?

Here are some ways you can decide which site is best for your needs.

  • Pick a site that allows you to identify as Christian
  • State on your profile what you are looking for; friendship or romance?
  • Research how the search features work. Can you explore different towns, cities, countries, and continents?
  • Does the site have video calling features?
  • Are accounts verified?
  • Does the site allow other religions, besides Christians, to join?
  • Is the dating site mobile optimized? Does it come with an app?

The best sites will allow you to join for free but may have additional features behind a paywall. Before committing to a premium membership, check and see:

  • How flexible is it? (Daily, monthly, yearly?)
  • How will it appear on my bank statement?
  • Can I cancel it at any time?

What Do You Need to Use International Christian Dating Sites?

You only require a few things to get started using international dating sites. These include:

  • A valid email address
  • Some sites ask for your postal address/zip code
  • Identify your Christian denomination
  • A detailed profile to rank higher in searches

Some sites host online meetups for prayer, community games, or discussion boards. You may require a webcam and microphone to gain access to these groups. Some sites may also require clear pictures to verify your identity.

Read Reviews

Victor Matthews, 35
“The best part of online dating is meeting new Christians with different ideas and perspectives on fate.”

Anna Smith, 30
“I joined an International Christian dating site to find someone interesting and who loves their faith. I’ve made so many friends already!”

Peter Quinn, 38
“I love sharing my Christian experiences and learning about different cultures – joining an international dating site made perfect sense.”

Emma Pringle, 24
“When I created my account, I was nervous about matching with strangers overseas. But made it all so easy.”

Douglas Murphy, 55
“It’s surprisingly easy to get set up on these dating sites. In a few minutes, I was able to make matches with several women across the world.”


International Christian dating has made it so easy to share and celebrate your faith with people worldwide.

You’ll match with people who share the same morals and values as you do and have some very central in common with them – your passion for worship.

Not only that, but members are all single, meaning the chances of you making a romantic connection are high.

Simply put, international Christian dating sites open up a new world where you can celebrate who you are without compromise. They specialize in matching you with unique singles who are looking for long-term, long-distance relationships.

You’ll be able to explore so much of the world (and your faith) from the comfort of your own home.


Are Free International Christian Dating Sites Legit?

Many sites go through verification processes to ensure profiles are genuine. All sites we’ve reviewed have block/report features.

Is There an International Christian Dating App? has its popular dating app, which compliments the website. Every other site is mobile-optimized for your smartphone.

Where Can I Find International Christian Personals? has a message board for members to post discussions and personals for other members to read.