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This site is owned and operated by TimeSpace Services Limited, an organization renowned for providing sound and legitimate dating services. The nifty app covers all grounds regarding demographics, incorporating educated, college level, and employed members from all races and ethnicities.

If you seek gay men seeking men, you are on the right website.

Find men from all over the world on this website. There are members from Europe and the United States, but more importantly, the site does not discriminate. If you happen to be recently out of the closet or are a bisexual man, please create a profile and get to dating.

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Gaysgodating Features

Free Features

Most sites offer free-to-use options to all their budget-oriented members, and gay Christian sites are no different. Free gaysgodating features include:

  • Account creation and profile updates are the first options offered to free-to-use members.
  • View and browse through several profiles, unrestricted to free members.
  • Gaysgodating free members can visit the Like Gallery, swiping to show satisfaction or dislikes.

These free features are pretty commendable and used wisely; one can begin dating almost instantly upon registration. If you need to communicate thoroughly and efficiently, it is vital to upgrade to premium memberships.

Paid Features

Check out what this excellent gay website has to offer its premium members.

  • Check out photo albums of all gaysgodating members.
  • Option to unlock profile details.
  • Send messages to other members and unlimited chats.
  • You can also unlock the 'Looking for' option on member profiles.
  • As a paying client, you get the site's full, 24hrs, seven days a week customer support.
  • You can engage other users via video and photo chatting.
  • Make use of extended/advanced search parameters as a paying gaysgodating member.
  • Also, you can try out a 3-day premium package for a mere $ 3.14.

Gaysgodating App

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available for Android nor iOS users. Fortunately, you can access the mobile site via any mobile device. This site is adaptive to mobile devices and is intuitive enough for any member to use. Functionalities are the same as you would have on the desktop website. Because everything is developed with the user in mind, it is easy to transition from the desktop to the mobile one. All features found on the leading site can be accessed on Mobile, so upgrade profiles, messaging members, and accessing profiles is all doable.

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Gaysgodating Members

This site plays host to members from all demographics, catering solely to gay men and bi men who love them. There are over 250,000 members registered in the United States alone and another 200,000 active weekly. Those are solid numbers for gay men to engage each other daily, whether you seek short-term flings or a long-term partner.

This online site also plays host to African Americans, Latinos, Caucasians, et al. It is a non-discriminatory site. Only authentic, genuine relationship seekers are urged to join. The user base spans members between 25- 34 years of age, with a majority looking for something not-so-serious.

Gaysgodating Members

Subscription Plans

Like most platforms for meet, you get what you pay for in terms of features. Here on gaysgodating, it is no different. Check out available premium options for members on this site.

For starters, there is a 3-day premium trial membership for $ 3.14.

Plan Price Total
1 week 6.02$ 6.02$
1 month 24.90$ 24.90$
3 months 13.80$ 41.40$

Enjoy the most that this site has to offer on a paid package. Free members usually get freebies that don't help much in terms of getting you quickly, which is why you joined online dating to begin with.

Anonymity and Security

This fancy and modern site ensures member safety through the vetting of profiles, among other processes. Right off the bat, your profile is vetted before going live. This involves checking your profile pic to ensure it's not copied from other sites, nor is it a cartoon character/avatar.

Once this is complete, your identity is verified via email.

Additionally, there is an SSL certificate on this site. This is incorporated to make your chats and financial transactions secure. That said, everything you type on the website stays on the site, with no leakage or unauthorized use of information. Flirt and chat with peace of mind.

Pros and Cons

  • A mobile-friendly site for on-the-go members
  • Gaysgodating boasts dedicated security features
  • Privacy and discreetness are strongly upheld
  • A solid user base that is constantly active – cannot miss a member to engage
  • A variety of payment methods to select from
  • Most features have to be paid for – including unlimited chatting and full customer support
  • No downloadable app is available for iOS or Android users
  • Cannot check out full-sized photos unless you are on a paid account

As expected, there are several advantages to having a premium account, including the most obvious, added communication features.

Gaysgodating Users Reviews

I found my current boyfriend on this site, and I felt it only courteous I write about my experiences. One word expresses it all. That is awesome kudos to gaysgodating. -
Tevin, Smith, 29, PA.

I'm a much older gent, and I must say, surprisingly, being mobile is what I enjoy most. I usually move from city to city, so searching for locals is a thing I do, with ease, on this site. -
Mike, Miller, 45, MD.

I would never have joined this site if it wasn't for my best friend, and it looks like I've found a new friend in a lover and neighbor, thanks to this great site. -
Terry, Campbell, 32, NJ.

Experts Conclusion – Bottom Line

Take time to create a decent yet compelling profile, and you will not be disappointed. This site is as accurate as it gets, and the profiles need no more screening. Find someone you find attractive and begin flirting immediately. If you aren't on a premium account, get one soonest. You need to make the most of the communication features, coz it's all that is between you and heading back to the bars. Either way, this platform is where you need to be gay and in need of some like-minded companionship.


How many Messages Can I Send on gaysgodating – any limits?

On paid accounts, there are no limits to the number of messages one can send.

How many Photos Can I upload on gaysgodating – any limits?

You can upload as many photos as you please on this site.

How many times can I subscribe to the 3-day trial membership at gaysgodating – any limits?

Members can only subscribe once to the trial membership as it is a one-time offer.

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