Best Gay Christian Dating Sites

As with any minority, it can be difficult to find that special person on mainstream dating apps and sites. And because not so many gay men are public when practicing religion, you might feel as if you’re alone.

So what do you do to find a partner who values faith as much as you? You need to join Gay Christian dating sites.

These sites offer a quick, easy and effective way of matching with members of the LGBT community who practice and appreciate religion. We’ve compiled some of the best dating sites for you to consider.

This is a simple, practical dating site where men can match, message, and meet with like-minded men. Most members range from 20-35 and identify as Christian.


  • Very quick registration
  • Can filter users by location, age, and other criteria
  • Premium membership will appear anonymous on bank statements
  • It has a mobile app for easier use on-the-go

With a large member base active throughout the day, offers a quick, easy way of matching with Christian singles in your area.


  • Simple registration process
  • All members have profile pictures and detailed bios
  • Has a variety of ages and body types
  • Cheap, flexible premium membership options

Ideal for making new friends, has a young, active member base with many new members joining daily.


  • Quick registration process – you only need an email address
  • Ideal for younger men to make new friends
  • 4 flexible upgrade options

With a variety of search filters, finding a match on is simple and easy. Though not as active as other sites, there is a wide age range of members.


  • Easy registration process
  • Variety of search filters
  • ‘Like Gallery’ means, matching-making is easy

With a bustling member base who message often and are online throughout the day, is an ideal place for you to start making Christian LGBT friends.


  • Easy registration process
  • Very active members who message often
  • The tribe feature allows you to find specific types
  • Cheap, affordable upgrade options

How Do I Meet Single Gay Christians?

Often, LGBT Christians do not have the comfort of being ‘out’ at their church. This can make it hard to find relationships in a religious setting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find love.

To maximize your chances of success when using these sites, we recommend:

  • Joining more than one dating site
  • Be honest and upfront about your faith – this will help you find someone on a similar wavelength
  • Fill in a complete profile, including profile picture and biography
  • Consider upgrading membership for premium features and improved search.

What Are the Best Gay Christian Sites to Chat on?

Every romance starts with a message – and you want to join a site that is easy to make connections on. is an established LGBT dating site with a large user base of varying ages; it is very easy to join and begin chatting with other men. We especially love the ‘Tribe’ label, which allows you to search through a list of labels (e.g., clean-cut, twink, etc.) to find your preferred type.

Benefits of Gay Christian Dating Sites

Because being Christian can sometimes feel at odds with being gay, dating sites allow you to find like-minded men quickly, easily, and without judgment.

This is especially useful if you live in a remote part where there is no ‘gay scene’ or LGBT community groups. You can log online and beginning talking to gay Christians almost immediately.

It’s important to cast your net a bit wider than with traditional dating apps. Relax your location filters and search filters to begin making more meaningful connections with men.

Milestones of Online Gay Christian Relationships

Because gay and bisexual men do not advertise their faith openly, milestones may differ from typical relationships.

For this reason, it’s important to take things slowly. Making a great first impression is pivotal to creating a lasting friendship, and hopefully a relationship too. Ask yourself:

Is faith a deal-breaker?

If Christianity is a major factor in your life, and you practice regularly and want your partner to be similar, you should be up-front and advertise this on your profile. This will eliminate your time wasted with others.

Long-distance romance?

Because you are gay and Christian, it might be necessary to be open to a long-distance relationship, at least initially. If you live in different towns or cities, why not set a goal to meet up in person after some time.

Flirty or Modest?

While some features of dating sites are flirty and playful, that might not sit well with many Christians who want to remain modest. If you want to avoid casual fun/no-strings relationships, it’s best to avoid ‘wink features’ and sending private photos.

How to Pick the Best Gay Christian Dating Sites

Some dating sites are solely for Christians, while others are open to anyone of any faith. If you want to maximize your chances of romance, consider these tips:

  • Join a site that is solely for or mainly used by Christians
  • Ensure the site is LGBT+ friendly and allows same-sex matchmaking
  • Sites that offer personality matchmaking can help you find someone who values religion
  • Join a site that has lots of users from your town or city. If you live in a remote place, does the site have good search filters you can use?
  • If you are attracted to a specific age group or body type, research if the site has search filters for this.
  • If you’re using the site on your smartphone, is it mobile-optimized? Does it have an app you can download?
  • Are members looking for a long-term romance or casual fun?

What do You Need when Using Gay Christian Dating Sites?

To use gay Christian sites, you will need the following:

  • A valid email address
  • A profile that includes your name, age and other details
  • A clear, visible profile picture
  • An honest account of what you are looking for: romance? Friendship? Fun?
  • Be upfront about your faith – what denomination you are, how often you practice, and if you are open to dating people of similar/different religions?

Some gay Christians may not be fully out and thus join dating sites while still in the closet. You should bear this in mind when talking to other men, as some may be reluctant at first to share personal details or their identity.

Some people may want to prey on your charity and friendliness. Remember to keep yourself safe when using any dating site. Never share financial information or give people money.

Read Reviews

Bob Farrell, 33
“Being gay and Christian can feel lonely at times. Dating sites have helped me make friends and feel comfortable being a person of faith.”

Shawn Brown, 21
“Although I’m young, I’m looking for commitment and romance. Gay Christian sites let me match with people my age, who are looking for similar.”

Derek Biden, 38
“I’d love to find a man who is interested in spirituality as much as I am. So far, has lots of friendly men open to this.”

Chris Smith, 33
“Even though I’m a Christian, I do have a flirty side - and I love that many gay Christian sites have features I can use to make a good first impression.”

Keith Garcia, 55
“I thought finding love at my age was impossible, especially someone who loves their faith. Christian dating sites are surprisingly welcoming to gay men!”


Online dating has revolutionized how people find love, but especially gay Christians.

The best dating sites offer you amazing ways of connecting to and building friendships with men in your town, city, or even around the world. Many offer inexpensive ways to upgrade and enjoy premium features, too.

Never feel ashamed of being religious; your experiences are independent of anyone else’s. Respect people and expect it in return.

With the right site, you’ll be able to find someone who values their faith as much as you do. All with just a simple search!


Is gay Christian Dating Legit?

In these modern times, many LGBT+ people are opening up to how important religion is in their life. Many Christian gay men are genuine and looking for love.

Is There a gay Christian Dating App?

While all sites are mobile-optimized, comes with its own dedicated mobile dating app.

Where Can I Find Gay Christian Personals?

Most if not all gay Christians looking for love can be found using dating sites.