Best Free Gay Christian Dating Sites

If you’re a gay Christian man who is looking for romance, no doubt you’ve tried all the popular dating apps on the market. But often, they aren’t great at helping you find someone who values their faith and costs you lots of money.

For that reason, you need to join the best free gay Christian dating sites. These sites are a great way of meeting new, eligible singles in your area who value the same things as you do.

Finding love shouldn’t cost you anything – for that reason, these sites are all free to use. Premium membership is only an option you should consider after testing out the service!

Here are 5 of the best christian free dating sites for gays you should join.

With a simple signup process and clear site design, this site can match you with single Christian men in your area quickly and easily.


  • Simple registration
  • It comes with a mobile app
  • Ideally suited for 20-35 age range
  • Active site with many new members every day
  • Send 5 messages per day to trial the service.

As one of the most popular free gay christian dating sites, GaysGoDating is an easy-to-use site with active members and extensive search filters.


  • Simple registration
  • Wide variety of age ranges, body types, and tribes
  • Every member profile has pictures and biographies
  • Extensive search features

With a huge number of young members, is a popular dating site for a good reason. Its ‘Like Gallery’ makes matchmaking both easy and fun!


  • Simple registration
  • Ideally suited for 20-35 age range
  • ‘Like’ gallery makes matchmaking easy allows you to find single Christians quickly and easily, sorting members by location, age, online status, and more.


  • Simple registration
  • Extensive search features
  • ‘Like Gallery’ means, matching-making is easy

As one of the busiest gay christians sites, is a simple, straightforward dating experience. Signup is quick, easy, free, and well worth your time.


  • Simple registration
  • One of the most active dating sites with lots of new members every day
  • Extensive search features

How Do I Meet Single Gay Christians?

Online dating has revolutionized how Christian men can find love.

While it might be difficult to be out and proud within the church, gay dating sites allow you to match and message similar men in your areas. You can also match with gay Christians who live further away too, allowing you to expand your social circle and make deep, meaningful connections.

To maximize your success, follow these tips:

  • Join more than one free dating site – what have you to lose?
  • Always put effort into your profile – fill in every detail and upload a clear profile picture.
  • Be honest and open about your Christian faith
  • Test and trial a site before upgrading to premium membership

What Are the Best Gay Christian Sites to Chat on? has lots of active members online throughout the day and is a site we highly recommend you join.

Signing up should take only a few minutes – all you need is a valid email address. While the site is open to gay and bisexual men, many of GayTryst’s members are Caucasian and identify as Christian.

Lastly, GaysTryst is one of the few LGBT dating sites which comes with a mobile app. You can use many of the site’s best features for free, including the ‘like gallery’ and search filters.

What are the Benefits of Free Gay Christian Dating Sites?

Gay dating sites make finding love in your area much easier to do. You can sort through members based on their location, age, and online status with just a simple click.

Especially if you are Christian and want to find a partner who also values faith, free dating sites allow you to filter through profiles and make a match quickly. They’ll also help your confidence in talking to men if you are only newly out and proud.

Joining a free dating site is highly recommended because you’ll be able to try out the site before ever making a payment. Many of the best free dating sites offer flexible upgrades which can be canceled at any time.

Milestones of Online Free Gay Christian Relationships

With online dating, first impressions matter.

Always make your first message friendly and inviting. The good idea is to ask questions, which allow you to find out more about your match.

As with all Christian relationships, you may want to signal early on to your match how important faith is to you. Some people put this information on their profile. Always be upfront and frank about what you’re looking for in a relationship.

‘Coming out of the closet’ is a big deal for many gay Christians because often their sexuality is at odds with their religion. Some men who use dating sites may wish to remain anonymous – a big milestone in any relationship is them trusting you with personal information.

Because setting up an account on a free site is easy, always share personal information on a case-by-case basis.

Which Free Gay Christian Dating Site Should I Join?

The most important thing to consider about free dating sites is that you can account for them costs nothing!

For that reason, you should join more than one, test out their services, and then make an objective comparison.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Is the dating site LGBT+ friendly? Can you match with gay men on it easily?
  • Can I post that I’m Christian on my profile?
  • How does the site match you? Is it based on looks, age, location, or personality?
  • Can I search different areas of my town or city?
  • If I enjoy the site, is there an option to upgrade my account? What features are there on a free plan vs. a premium plan?
  • Is the site easy to use on my mobile phone or desktop? Does it have an app I can use?
  • Are members looking for a long-term romance or casual fun?

What Do You Need when Using Gay Christian Dating Sites?

Many of the sites we have recommended have common criteria for creating an account. These include:

  • Verifying an email address to confirm your account
  • Members must upload a clear profile picture to rank in searches
  • Fill in biographical details, including name, age, and profession.

To maximize your success, you should also consider stating:

  • What Christian denomination are you?
  • Do you practice your faith daily, weekly?
  • What kind of relationship are you looking for? Long-term romance? Friendship?

Read Reviews

Mark Shields, 30
“I love that free gay dating sites are exactly that –free! I get to try all the services before committing to anything.”

Paul Daniels, 27
“I’m not out to my church. Free gay dating sites have given me so much confidence in exploring who is single and in my area.”

Philip Grayson, 40
“I’ve used for a while now and am enjoying my experience. I’m talking to Christian men who share my passion for faith.”

Matthew Williams, 26
“I want to find love but can’t afford expensive apps or payment plans. I love that free gay dating site. Let me still talk to guys in my town, without a bill!”

Richard Fox, 56
“Finding gay Christian men in my small town is very difficult. But free gay sites have allowed me to search further for long-distance romance.”


Dating doesn’t have to hard, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either!

Free gay dating sites have opened up a world of romance for many singles without costing them a penny.

Remember, the best gay dating sites will allow you to try any of their services before committing to anything. You’ll still be able to message, match and meet with great guys in your area by staying with a free account.

The best features should be accessible on free plans, allowing you to test if the site is right for you before committing. Sites that do offer premium options should have flexible, cheap plans if you decide on upgrading.


Are Free Gay Christian Dating Sites Legit?

Many members who use these sites are genuinely looking for relationships. But as with any dating site, always protect yourself and block/report suspicious or offensive accounts.

Is there a gay Christian dating app?

All the sites we’ve recommended are mobile-optimized. has a free mobile app, which makes using the site very easy and straightforward.