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Flirtymature History to Start the Best Dating Experience

The main motivation behind the creation of Flirtymature is to restore the hopes of mature singles that are still looking to find love. The notion that “you are never too old to find love” is the main selling point here.

The dating platform was created by a company based in the Virgin Islands TNHL, which also owns a few other dating sites which are targeted at different audiences. Flirtymature has been operational for several years, and it seems like it has helped many singles find each other. The only question that remains is if it will continue to grow.

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Flirtymature Features

Free Features to Try

Like most dating apps today, Flirtymature comes with two options. The first is the free version and the other is a premium one. The free version is usually tailored to individuals who just joined the platform and are trying to get acquainted with things. A couple of features are offered for free, the first being the registration.

Here, you can sign up, provide your full name, email address, and a safe password to get the ball rolling. Once you are all set up, you can create your Flirtymature profile, browse the profiles of other members, and look at galleries all for free.

Paid Features: What You Can Get

Once you have gotten used to the Flirtymature basic operations, and are interested in promoting your experience, you can get the premium version. Paid features increase your chances of finding a match near you, and Flirtcast is an example of such a feature. It allows members to send one message to multiple people in their vicinity.

Other paid features include reacting to other members’ pictures and taking part in chat rooms. All of these features can be unlocked when you choose to. Flirtymature also offers them for free in a three-day trial, so you experience what the site has to offer before actually paying.

Flirtymature App and Its Features

There is currently a great app available for either Android or iOS users. However, this is not a big surprise for many users. Flirtymature was designed to be mobile compatible too. The website is easy to interact with and navigate on the mobile versions.

No noticeable bugs are reported by the members who can perform simple and swift actions that help them get what they are looking for a dating app. The incorporated algorithm also plays a huge role in generating matches. It is a convenient app to find Flirtymature singles, and it makes the dating service very functional.

Flirtymature App

Flirtymature Members

Flirtymature is an international dating site used in predominantly English-speaking countries. The majority of members are American, and the rest are spread through Canada, Newzealand, the UK, and Australia. About three-quarters of the members are male, and the rest, about 30% are women.

Heterosexual singles dominate the Flirtymature site, however, lesbians account for a small fraction of the population. In terms of age distribution, most of the members are over 40, and most are looking for a serious partner and not just a fling. A few fake accounts have been reported, but this doesn’t seem to be a common issue.

Flirtymature Members

Subscription Plans

Flirtymature offers three different subscription plans based on the needs of its members. And as expected, you get more features in the most expensive package, setting you back almost $50. With this amount, you can unlock all the paid features and are free to use them for a total of 3 months.

If you feel that’s too expensive for you, try the medium-price subscription for almost $29. This price is only fixed for a month. The cheapest subscription will cost you $7 and expire after 7 days; it is usually convenient for newcomers.

Anonymity and Security

Flirtymature prioritizes their members' security from the very moment they join the dating site. Accounts are protected from any external tampering, and clients rarely run into such problems. Each member has the power to control their privacy and can choose to be viewed. Additionally, clients don't have to worry about their payment information being stolen as the site works endlessly to gain the members' trust.

Flirtymature also has a support service that works around the clock, ready to listen to any complaints members might have. These range from reports of member harassment to solving technical issues.

Pros and Cons

Now you know about all the features, security measures, and other website details. Let’s weigh the pros and cons of the dating site:

  • Offers mature singles a chance to find love
  • Registration and profile creation is free
  • The website is easy to navigate due to a responsive UI
  • The website makes security a top priority
  • All problems can be addressed to a help center that is always available.
  • The website is inclusive of all sexual preferences
  • The majority of the audience is male
  • The subscription plans offered may be costly for some people
  • There is an accompanying app, which has a few bugs to work on
  • Some accounts are fake, and this can be misleading
  • The premium search and advanced features are available if you upgrade the subscription
  • You can face with site’s bugs which you can report

Flirtymature Users Reviews

I haven’t had a decent date in a very long time, but Flirtymature helps me out. This is an awesome dating site.
Jane, 66, California

This is a good Christian dating site for seniors. I’m glad I ran into the Flirtymature site. Recommended!
Steve, 45, New York

I joined Flirtymature 4 months ago, and I am currently dating the most wonderful person. Joining was a wise decision.
Brittany, 55, Texas

Experts Conclusion

Flirtymature is indeed a very interesting dating site. By focusing on an audience many other christian dating sites for seniors forget, they have expanded in multiple countries. However, it's not just about getting good numbers; the site has also delivered its promise to an impressive number of members.

Additionally, the Flirtymature service offers an app; the website itself works to bring mature singles together. For the most part, Flirtymature could be considered affordable. Nevertheless, many new members feel like the subscriptions offered are just a bit much. In conclusion, our advice is to try this site. We recommend it for all users who are looking for flirty mature dating.


Can I send messages to singles at the Flirtymature dating site?

Members get unlimited messaging when they pay for a premium version only. You can stay on the basic subscription with limited options.

Can I add photos and videos to my Flirtymature profile?

You can add as many pictures as you want to your profile. Also, you can add a presentation video; however, you have to upgrade the subscription.

Is there a possibility to check out premium features with a short trial?

Yes, the Flirtymature site provides a three days trial. It is a deal that can be used one time. Members have to consider getting a subscription to any advanced services.