FlirtMatures Review

What is FlirtMatures?

FlirtMatures is a dating website based in the United States that is available in several different countries across the world – mostly English speaking. The dating site FlirtMatures is owned by an umbrella company that also manages many different dating websites with a similar dating platform and format. The FlirtMatures dating site is a little over three years old and was first launched in 2018. As the name suggests, FlirtMatures focuses on matching men and women who are older or more mature and works to connect singles for both love and less-serious relationships.

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FlirtMatures Features


FlirtMatures is completely free to sign up for, and there are plenty of things you can take advantage of on the site without having to sign up for a premium or paid membership or part with any money while you use the site FlirtMatures. Some of the best free features include:

  • Free sign up
  • Free profile building
  • Free photo uploads
  • Free browsing on the site
  • Free visits to other profiles
  • Limited free likes for other member profiles
  • Free to see matches


Whilst FlirtMatures is a great dating site, to make the most of the site and meet new people, it’s recommended to use a paid or premium account to increase your chances. A lot of FlirtMature’s site is blocked to free users – including messaging – and signing up for premium could change your experience on the site:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Appear higher in searche
  • Match with more people
  • Targeted search
  • Unlimited likes and winks
  • Contact anyone you like
  • Unlimited photos

Is there a FlirtMature App?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a FlirtMature app – however, we expect as the new site grows, they will likely launch one in the following years. A mobile optimized website that can be accessed by visiting the FlirtMature homepage from a mobile or tablet device. The mobile site is easy to use and works perfectly with the touch functionality of tablets and mobiles, and can be bookmarked for ease of use when you’re on the go. The website is free to visit and sign up for.

FlirtMatures Members

FlirtMature members are mostly based in the USA, with 300,000 active weekly members in the USA alone. The site is also popular in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand and several non-English speaking countries where the site has been translated. The majority of the sites members are looking for something serious, but casual relationships can still be found. There are more men than women on the site, with a split of 70% to 30%, respectively. As free dating Christian sites targeted older people, most of the site users are over the age of 40.

FlirtMatures Members

Subscription Plans

Trial Membership

Plan Price
1 Day €0.90
1 Week €4.55
1 Month €27.25

These trials can be paid for by Credit Card and will be automatically renewed (every month) until you cancel the subscription.

Pay by Credit Card and will be automatically canceled after the chosen period

Anonymity and Security

FlirtMature is a member-only website that doesn’t allow any non-members or search engines to read member profiles. This means you’ll never get caught out by a google search or a non-member trying to visit the site – your profile is completely safe, and you can enjoy dating discreetly. Once someone is a member on the site, they will be able to view your profile however if you have any problems with any other members on the site or you wish for certain members not to have access to your dating profile, FlirtMature make it easy to block them directly through their profile.

Pros and Cons

All dating sites have their pros and cons, and FlirtMature is no different. If you’re still undecided about whether or not to use FlirtMature, check our quick list of pros and cons that we found during our FlirtMature review:

  • Live chat
  • Free to sign up
  • Free to create a profile
  • Easy to report and block suspect profiles
  • Private member space
  • No mobile app
  • No verification needed
  • No completely free trial
  • No anonymous payment
  • Very new site

FlirtMatures Users Reviews

“A lot of dating sites I’ve found in the past have been promoting fast relationships, but FlirtMatures is the best of the free Christian dating sites I have tried.”
Clive Jones, 70, Alabama.

“It gets lonely being a new person in a city where you know no one. FlirtMatures has been perfect for helping me meet other Christian singles here in the city.
Tera Trevor, 55, New York.

“I love trying new things, so when my sister recommended FlirtMatures I signed right up and have never looked back.”
Margret Black, 66, Mississippi.

Experts Conclusion

FlirtMatures is a great dating site for older men and women to find love with like-minded people. The FlirtMatures site focuses on real romances and connections rather than flings. The site is easy to use and can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet – although there is currently no app that can be downloaded. The dating site is free to sign up for and offers several paid trials for new members to explore the site before committing to any long-term or full-price membership packages. The FlirtMatures site requires a premium membership to communicate with other members, but free members can still browse member profiles and photos.


How long is a trial at FlirtMature?

You can choose between 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month-long trials at FlirtMature – they are discounted, and you will require a credit card to sign up.

Can I add a photo at FlirtMature?

Yes – free members are also invited to upload multiple photos to their profiles.

Can I send a message with a free account at FlirtMature?

No – you will need a premium or paid membership at FlirtMature to send messages.