Best Christian Teenage Dating Sites

Online dating makes sense for teenagers. You’re young, adventurous, and can handle any technology that’s thrown your way.

Logging on for love is quick and easy. But the internet can be a busy place at times. And finding the right website to join where you can be yourself and trust people is tough. So, where can you start? We suggest you try out Christian teenage dating sites.

These sites are tailor-made to give you a safe, enjoyable experience without compromising the features or functions. And because the focus is on people with faith, you can expect modest relationships with people looking for a long-term commitment.

If you’re young and faith is important to you, singing up to a Christian dating site could be the start of a blossoming romance!

If you’re 18 or 19, is a useful site where you can quickly and easily look for eligible singles in your area.


  • Easy signup and profile creation
  • 50/50 Balance of men and women
  • The age range is 18 - 35
  • Great search features
  • The website is mobile optimized is an incredibly active site with friendly members all looking for romance. Many identify as Christian, and the most common age range is 18-33 years old.


  • The website has a sleek, simple design
  • The website is mobile optimized
  • Send ‘Flirtcasts’ to several people at once

As one of the most popular Christian teenage dating sites, has both personality and interest matchmaking, pairing you with people you already have so much in common with.


  • LGBT+ friendly
  • Has a mobile app
  • Personality and interest matchmaking
  • Signup is easy and takes only a few minutes

With chat features, message boards, identity verification, and more, this dating site is a safe space for single teenagers looking for romance.


  • Personality matchmaking
  • Message boards and group chat features
  • Has a mobile app

Full of resources, information, and advice, this website allows Christian teenagers to find out more about how faith and romance work in tandem.


  • Free resources and printables
  • Can follow the site on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram
  • It teaches you how to be a devout Christian when dating

How Do I Meet Christian Teenagers?

Technology comes naturally to teenagers, who like using apps and social media to great effect. For that reason, many single Christian teens date online through their phones and computers.

Christian teenage dating sites are a safe space for teens to build friendships and expand their social circles.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Always check the minimum age requirement before joining.
  • You can join more than one dating site to improve visibility
  • Always fill out your profile information, including profile picture
  • Sites with identity verification ensure you are safe and talking to genuine people

What Are the Best Christian Teenage Chat rooms? hosts a variety of group chats and activities with members from all over the world.

The site hosts a message board where you can post and read messages and personals from other members. And because all users are Christian, you can learn more about your faith without compromising your values.

Signup to this site is quick and easy, and it also comes with a mobile app for extra convenience.

Benefits of Christian Teenage Dating Sites

When looking for love, we always want to find a person we have lots in common with. The same goes for you as a teenager – you want someone you can relate to and share your Christian values.

Christian teenage dating sites allow you to be yourself in a safe environment. You get to meet new people who you wouldn’t normally bump into. Many of these sites have a mobile app, allowing you to match and message on the move.

And because you are potentially still learning all about Christian values, these sites can help educate and inform you about your faith as a teenager.

Milestones of Online Christian Teenage Dating

One of the biggest milestones in any relationship is, first, matching! For teenagers, this usually happens through swiping.

Swiping is a huge milestone. Where you swipe right on a profile, it means you like them. If they swipe right back, you’ve made a match. Swiping is primarily based on appearances, which is why you should always upload a clear profile picture to maximize your attractiveness!

Some Christian dating sites have flirty chat features or video calls. These can be the next big milestone, where you finally get to talk to the person and see them in a new light.

As always, remember only to send messages/pictures you are comfortable sending. Never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to – Christian relationships are by their very nature, slow and steady. Don’t rush any milestone - you have plenty of time!

How to Pick the Best Christian Teenage dating site

Remember these tips when choosing the best dating site:

  • Pick a site that allows you to identify as Christian
  • Identity verification ensures who you are talking to is genuine
  • Always ensure you are the minimum age allowed to use the dating site
  • Is there a mobile app? Is the website mobile-optimized?
  • Are members looking for long-term relationships or friendships? What are you looking for? Does this site suit your needs?

What Do You Need when Using a Christian Teenage Dating Site?

There are some requirements when using these sites as a teenager. They include:

  • A valid email address to create an account
  • Filling in your gender, sexuality, age, and profession
  • Uploading a clear profile picture. Some websites may require additional photos for identity verification

You must always be over the appropriate age to use the website. Consult the site’s guidelines for this information.

As with any online site, you should always remain cautious and vigilant when talking to strangers initially. Never share personal, financial information in messages. Only share photos on a case-by-case basis with matches whom you trust.

If you ever feel vulnerable or suspicious of an account, report and block them.

Read Reviews

Lisa Peterson, 18
“I want my first boyfriend to be as serious about his faith as I am. That’s why I love Christian teenage dating sites – they’re all looking for the same things I am.”

David Connors, 19
“I live in a small, remote town in the US. allowed me to match with single Christians my age, from around the world.”

Donna Jones, 18
“I’ve joined several Christian teenage dating sites to see who is single in my area. It’s so much better than Sunday School for meeting new people.”

Alice Doyle, 18
“I’m new to online dating. So far, these sites have made me feel appreciated and interesting. I love all the attention!”

Tim Harris, 18
“I want to take dating slow and steady. I joined, and all my matches have been so friendly. I can’t wait to get to know them more.”


As a teenager, you’re already so comfortable using technology and chatting through screens. Online dating is no different than messaging friends – you should act kind and respectful and expect the same in return.

Christian teenage dating sites are an ideal place to start looking for a relationship. They are filled with teens similar to you, all looking for friendship, romance, and long-term commitment.

Especially since your faith is important to you, Christian dating sites allow you to go at your own pace and learn more about your values in the process.

With the right site, you can find your perfect companion to share your life with.


Are Christian Teenage Dating Sites for Free?

All teenage dating sites can be joined for free, though some may have premium features you must pay for.

Is there a Christian Teenage Dating App? has an app that is suitable for both iOS and Android phones.

Where Can I Find Christian Teenage Personals? has a message board where Christians post personals.