Best Christian dating Sites for Marriage

For many Christians, marriage is the end goal in any romantic relationship. Long-term commitment paired with important values and traditions makes for an incredibly worthwhile life.

But finding someone who is looking for marriage can be difficult. Especially since so many mainstream apps and dating sites focus on causal friendship and no-strings fun, marriage can often seem almost impossible for single daters.

So how do you find people interested in long-term commitment? By joining Christian dating sites for marriage, of course!

These sites are tailor-made to match single people of faith together. Because you’re both Christian, you already have so much in common with one another before you even say hello.

We’re taking a look at 5 of the best sites for you to join.

Combining commitment with fun, has lots of creative ways to break the ice with your matches and make a lasting impression.


  • Signup is easy
  • Great balance of men and women
  • LGBT+ friendly
  • Search filters allow you to refine your matches has everything you need to find like-minded singles in your area with a large Christian member base.


  • Signup is easy
  • ‘Flirtcasts’ are a creative way to break the ice
  • ‘Like Gallery’ quickly matches you based on profiles

Using personality quizzes, will quickly match you with compatible Christian singles in a matter of minutes!


  • Signup is easy
  • Personality matchmaking
  • Identity verification options
  • Has a mobile app

With a series of personality and religious questions at signup, will match you with suitable singles in your area from the get-go.


  • Marriage questions help match with like-minded singles
  • Personality matchmaking at signup helps create great connections
  • LGBT+ friendly
  • Has a mobile app
  • Popular across the world has everything from matchmaking to online meetups to message boards for marriage personals and more.


  • Well-established website
  • In-depth matchmaking at signup
  • Message boards for personals
  • Has a mobile app

How Do I Meet Christians looking for Marriage?

While many devout Christians meet their partners at church, the internet has changed everything. It is now easier than ever to log on and match people around your town, city, or the world.

If you’re looking interested in marriage, then Christian dating sites are the natural place to go to. Many of these sites have specific questions when creating your account, asking what kind of relationship you are looking for.

If you answer that you want marriage, the site will match you with like-minded singles. You can always put this information on your profile too.

What Are the Best Christian Chat Rooms?

If you’re looking to chat to many Christians quickly and easily, we would highly recommend It has messaging features to talk to individual people and message boards for public discussions on faith.

The site also hosts various online meetups around prayer, politics, hobbies, and more, which can help you meet several single Christians quickly. The site also has a mobile app for incredible convenience.

Benefits of Christian Dating Sites

As a Christian, you want to find someone special to spend your life with. Someone who shares your morals, values, and goals in life and who ideally wants to make a long-term commitment with marriage.

Christian dating sites make it easy to find people of similar faith in a fun, relaxed, and safe environment. Many of these sites are free to join and come with a mobile app.

Some sites also have identity verification which gives you peace of mind that the people you are talking to are genuine and trustworthy.

Milestones of Online Christian Dating for Marriage

Marriage is one of the most important sacraments a Christian can partake in. It is a huge milestone in any Christian relationship and requires a lifelong commitment from the start.

If you’re serious about marriage, you don’t want to waste time dating people who ultimately will not commit to you. For that reason, Christian dating sites which specialize in pairing people who want to get married are a great way of ensuring success.

While marriage is the end goal, the first milestones of any relationship will surely be making a good first impression. On Christian dating sites, it’s a good idea to start conversations based on your faith.

Find out their favorite biblical verses, how often they worship, and where along with what their goals in life are. Traditional Christian relationships are slow-moving and modest – no need to rush everything.

How to Pick the Best Christian dating Site for Marriage

Here are some tips to keep in mind when researching marriage dating sites:

  • Choose a dating site that is primarily aimed at Christians
  • Are you based on marriage-based questions during signup? Can you fill this information in on your profile?
  • If you are LGBT+, research if same-sex matchmaking is accepted
  • Are divorced people allowed to use the site?
  • Research if the site has any identity verification options – this can give you peace of mind
  • Local or international? Does the site allow you to search in different towns, cities, and countries for matches?
  • Does the dating site have a mobile app?

What do you need when using a Christian dating site?

You will need the following to join Christian dating sites:

  • A valid email address
  • Complete your profile, including gender, sexuality, age, and profession
  • Upload a clear profile picture
  • Some sites require your Christian denomination and location

While the best Christian dating sites will be free to join, some may have additional features behind a paywall. If you want to upgrade your membership, you will need a Visa Credit Card

Read Reviews

Brenda Philips, 30
“I’ve always dreamed of a big wedding day. Dating sites for marriage are so useful because the men I match with want the same things.”

Daniel Cooper, 35
“I want to settle down and start a family. Marriage is a key stepping stone on my journey, and these dating sites help me find like-minded women.”

Anthony Holmes, 50
“It’s never too late to tie the knot! I’m enjoying using because I get to find someone who has the same interests and personality as me.”

Janice Carol, 48
“Marriage is so important to my faith, and finding men who want commitment saves me saves time, energy, and effort!”

Debra Osborne, 20
“Although I’m young, I want my relationship to end in marriage. Joining a Christian dating site is helping me prioritize what’s important.”


If you have your sights set on marriage, it’s important to look for love in the right places.

Christian dating sites for marriage specialize in matching you with like-minded people who want to make long-term commitments. These people are faithful, modest, and serious about making their relationships work.

By joining these dating sites, you are maximizing your success in finding a suitable partner for life. No need to worry about people looking for casual, no-strings fun – these sites are full of members wanting their next match to be their last.

And if faith is important to you, there is no bigger symbol than marrying the love of your life in Christ. The right dating site can help make that journey easier to start.


Are Christian Dating for Marriage Sites Legit?

Yes, there are many, many legitimate profiles on dating sites for marriage. Many sites have identity verification which will give you enormous peace of mind.

Is There a Christian Dating App for Marriage? has a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

Where Can I Find Christian Personals for Marriage? has a message board where Christians can post personals about any subject, including marriage.