Christian Dating Questions

Christian Dating

How active are you in the Church?

Any good Christian will play an active role in all church-related activities. It involves much more than going to church on Sundays alone.

They will actively seek fellowship with fellow Christians in various church-related activities for their overall spiritual growth and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whether it is teaching at Sunday School classes, being part of Bible studies, or helping at church they will take the time and effort to show their wholehearted commitment to their church. 

What role does Jesus have in your life, and do you have a relationship with him?

Many Christians are in name only and more interested in leading a worldly life than following the right path that Christianity prescribes for us. If you plan on dating a Christian, you should know how much importance the individual gives to Jesus in their life and activities.

Does he/she have a personal relationship with Jesus and try to follow the scriptures in their day-to-day routine. A good practicing Christian will always give Jesus the utmost importance in their life and all the things they do.

Do they have a Christian spiritual mentor, and do they seek counsel?

Christians actively seeking spiritual growth will always have a spiritual mentor, generally an older person from whom they will seek counsel from time to time. The Bible is so vast and comprehensive that understanding and applying its teachings in our lives is essential for being Christian.

There will be many instances when we face dilemmas in our lives with doing what is morally right and doing what is expedient at that moment. Therefore, having an older spiritual advisor is essential to ensure we do not stray from God’s chosen path.

Christian Dating Questions to Ask a Guy

Free Christian dating sites are a good place to start looking for suitable partners to date. Some of the questions to ask when dating a Christian man include:

What is his opinion about premarital sex?

It is always best to clear up any doubts about premarital sex in the early stages. While it is forbidden in the Bible a lot, many young Christians tend to let that pass. If you are a conservative Christian and believe in following the Bible in matters of physical intimacy, it is best to ask your guy what his views are on the subject. This needs to be done at the initial dating stages so that both are on the same page.

Where does he see the relationship headed?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when dating a Christian partner. It should be brought up after you’ve been dating a couple of months to know whether his intentions are eventually marriage and settling down as a couple.

How is his relationship with his family?

Any boy or girl with strong Christian beliefs will always value family relationships. Whether it is with their parents or siblings, they will always try to maintain a harmonious relationship. A great way to judge your partner is through the relationships they share with their family. 

Christian Dating Questions to Ask a Girl

Do you follow the teachings of Christ in your daily life?

This question will be a good way to judge her relationship values based on her Christian teachings. Any good Christian girl will always strive to follow Christ’s teachings as far as possible in their day to day life. While it is not always possible to follow every commandment, she will still try to imbibe Christian values in her daily routines and interactions with people.   

What are the qualities she feels a good Christian should possess?

This is a question that applies to both partners. However, asking her will give you a good idea of what traits she must be trying to emulate in her own life concerning her Christian faith and upbringing. She will attempt to exhibit those traits in her interactions with people and especially her partner.

What role does Jesus’ play in her life?

This is a simple and direct question that offers a valuable insight into her relationship with God despite its simplicity. People sometimes tend to overlook the significance of God in our aspect of their lives and are directionless in their spiritual understanding. Jesus occupies a critical and invaluable part in a man or woman’s life, which she should be aware of as a Christian.

Christian Questions to Ask Before Dating

How important is it for you to date a Christian partner?

Most Christians with a strong belief will prefer only to date a Christian partner. They will follow the Biblical principles of dating someone from their religion and faith to avoid any impediments in their religious beliefs and further strengthen their faith. They will not compromise on their choice of partner if they are not from the same religion.

What is the purpose of dating?

Both a Christian boy or girl will have very clear and definite objectives in dating someone. They will do so to find a compatible partner from their faith who will help them grow spiritually. They will not be frivolous in dating someone just for the heck of it without having a clear purpose. Getting married to a suitable Christian partner will be their ultimate objective in the relationship.   

What are their views about divorce?

Divorce is increasingly common among couples, so it is important to discuss it and learn your partner’s views about the topic as a Christian as any good Christian will state that getting divorced because of differences is not a valid reason. Marriage is meant to be a sacred obligation to be partners for life and not something to be taken lightly.