Dating a Non-Christian Guy

Christian Dating

While there are many ways to meet Christian partners like those found at international Christian dating sites, through Church activities, friends, etc., many women date people, not from the same faith. We examine some of the consequences of dating a non-Christian guy.

Priorities are different: As a committed Christian, we understand that there is more to Christianity than Sunday visits, Easter and Christmas. It is much over-encompassing and covers every aspect of our life, our relationships, and how we lead our lives. While most of these will not be that evident before getting married, the differences will become crystal clear in the relationship. 

Impact on your relationship with God: Whether you like it or not, being with a non-believer will hurt your relationship with God in various ways. There will be times when you will need to compromise with your non-Christian partner, especially if they are from a strict and inflexible religion. Over time you will be split in your duties towards God and those towards your partner. This is not a comfortable position to be involved in.

Will affect children: There will come a time in a marriage when you will consider having children. What religion will they follow? Will your partner allow them to become Christians and be actively involved in church activities? In all likelihood, he will not be too keen to have them follow the mother’s religion. Children are the most severely impacted emotionally and spiritually when one marries a non-Christian.

Is Dating a Non-Christian a Sin

Dating itself is not a sin, but marrying out of the faith can later lead to moral and spiritual problems.

Reconsider where your commitment lies: As a committed Christian, you need to think long and hard before you make any decision to date a non-Christian. You need to introspect. Is the companionship of that person more valuable than your relationship and commitment to God?

If you consider your partner equally important, if not more, you are sinning as Christians. God must be the focal point of our lives, with no human being worthy to replace the Almighty.

Going against the word of the Bible: As per the Bible, we are supposed to marry within our Christian faith if we want to receive the blessings of God on our family and in our lives. Choosing a person that is a non-believer as a life partner violates our religious tenets, no matter how much you may be attracted to them.  Marrying outside the Christian faith is in direct violation of our religious teachings and surmounts to disobeying the word of God.

One man cannot serve two masters: Another reason why marrying someone from the non-Christian faith is not right is there set of religious beliefs are in stark contravention to those of Christianity.

AS the Bible clearly states, one man cannot serve two masters, and being in a relationship with a non-believer will weaken your Christian faith. Your partner will expect you to respect their religious beliefs, including a different creator. That will again violate our Christian beliefs and sinning against God.

Why Is Dating a Non-Christian Wrong

People take the concept of dating lightly and date partners from other faiths without thinking about their moral and spiritual responsibilities as Christians.

The problems will arise later: While everything might seem hunky-dory in the early dating stages of the relationship, the serious problems will surface later. If you are dating them with the intention of marriage (which should be the case as committed Christians), there will be many issues to resolve.

A non-believer will not hold the same values and beliefs, and their convictions might be completely different. Religious differences can lead to serious marital issues in the long term.

Both families are likely to be issued: Not everyone is cosmopolitan in their viewpoint, especially if they are orthodox in their beliefs. You might get a stick from your family over your choice of partner, and his family might also oppose the idea of him marrying someone from a different faith.

Are both of you willing to go against the hopes and desires of your families for each other? Will it be worth it in the long run? These are serious matters that need much forethought and not to be taken lightly. 

All these issues make it unwise to take the plunge and dive headlong into a relationship with a non-believer as a Christian. These are decisions to be taken with the mind and not the heart if you want to have a successful relationship and want to experience personal growth as a Christian in your life.

If you have not started dating or are about to, it is best to look for a suitable Christian partner that will be supportive and share the same religious values and respect for God as you do.