The Best Christian Dating Books

Christian Dating Books

There is an overflow of dating information for Christians online, ranging from tips at Christian teenage dating sites to a wide range of Christian fellowship platforms. Some of the best Christian dating books worth reading include the following:

Love In Every Season: As the title reflects, it takes a person through every aspect of being in a relationship. Every season has its unique aspects that need to be navigated to have a successful relationship. It lays stress on dating not being the necessary precursor to marriage. It is more of being able to find the right partner that complements you. Love in Every Season shows the reader that healthy relationships do not happen by chance, but rather one needs to work.

Boundaries in Dating: The book shows the repercussions of our dating choices on our lives. It reveals the risks of dating and how to overcome these by following a spiritual path through self-control and prayer.

The Sacred Search: It takes a unique look at dating and the purpose of our search in finding the right partner. It explores the possibility of finding a partner that will help you together to discover the purpose of serving God better.

It looks at relationships from the angle of having been created by the Almighty to make one holy instead of finding happiness with a partner. It will help the reader to introspect on the deeper purpose of dating.  

Books on Christian Dating

I Kissed Dating Goodbye: One of the most acclaimed books on Christian dating is I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. It is one of the most popular books and a must-read for young Christians that are considering dating. A bestseller, it is highly inspirational and practical in its advice offering biblical alternatives to the norms of our society when it comes to dating.

Passion and Purity: Elizabeth Elliot’s fine creation Passion and Purity is one of the most outstanding books on Christian dating. In these times where there is a slackening of morals and an anything-goes attitude amongst the youth, it offers a valuable message. She has used her own life as an example and guides people of both sexes on how to lead their lives under the stewardship of the Lord Jesus.    

When God Writes Your Love Story: Written by Eric and Leslie Ludy, this bestseller throws down the gauntlet to the youth to approach relationships in a new way, in times where love has been substituted by lustful passion. The book shows readers how to live a rich and fulfilling romantic life that is far more satisfying when we follow God’s path in matters related to the heart. The latest edition includes a new chapter about life after marriage. 

Boundaries in Dating: Learn about romance rules that can help you meet your dream partner along the dating journey. The book guides readers on making the transition smoothly while ensuring that you set boundaries and grow in self-control. For those that have found dating to be an uphill task, this book could help to transform and revolutionize their lives.   

Christian Books for Dating Couples to Read Together

Creative Conversations for Couples: This book is ideal for those couples that want to bolster their friendship while being in love. It is quite comprehensive and touches on diverse topics that encourage a couple to share their feelings and innermost thoughts.

It is full of questions that a couple can ask each other when traveling together or just enjoying each other’s company back home.

These queries range from the mundane to profound, and one thing is for certain, couples reading the book will never have a dull moment in the company of each other if they follow the book.

Keep Your Love On: The book examines the theme of strengthening our relationship with God as well as people simultaneously. It sheds light on areas that could help the reader create strong bonds with loved ones forever.

The writer does not pontificate on the topic but skillfully shares anecdotes from his own life, making it even more practical and believable. It guides the reader on ways to communicate their emotions and feelings and avoid conflict, manipulation, and even anxiety. The book also delves into various other areas that complicate relationships like control and incompatibility.

Lasting Marriage: Marriage is no bed of roses, with even happily married couples facing challenges from time to time. Lasting Marriage is a fantastic book written by bestselling writer Dustin Heiner in collaboration with his wife.

The writer asks readers to refer to the Bible to understand the actual purpose of marriage. The book illustrates beautifully how to enjoy a blessed marriage with one’s spouse and negotiate the hurdles in life without letting it impact the relationship between husband and wife with tips to lead a long and happy married life.