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Christian Dating

Christian Dating Advice for Guys

Dating for Christian guys can be quite challenging. There are so many dating websites, matchmaking agencies, and Christian dating apps, despite which it can prove to be quite difficult to meet the right Christian girl. Some things to keep in mind when dating include:

Have a strong personal character: This is easier said than done with all the temptations we encounter in our daily lives. However, we must not sway from our path, and having a strong personal character and integrity will always help you stay on the right path.

Develop friendships: While you may be interested in finding a partner to settle with, it is okay to meet and make friends with members of the opposite sex. On many an occasion, having a solid friendship could later materialize into something romantic. We cannot fall in love with every single girl we meet and talk to. Learn to develop healthy friendships along the way:

Value purity: In this stain age, when sex is so common among the youth and men and women, maintaining one’s innocence is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. It is easy to get swayed by a few fleeting moments of passion; however, learning to maintain self-control and willpower is necessary. You will never hear any Christian couple complaining that they regret waiting until marriage to have a physical relationship.  

Christian Dating Advice Kissing

To kiss or not is something many young Christian people struggle with when they enter a romantic relationship. While a gentle peck is harmless by itself, kissing on the lips can lead to uncontrolled passion and send the hormones raging, resulting in something you later regret.

Hold hands: Reserve that passionate French kiss for later when you are a couple. Instead, holding hands is a nice way to get close to the one you love and show affection.

A peck on the cheek is ok: An occasional peck on the cheek is okay as long it remains at that and does slide into kissing the neck or any other erogenous part that could lead to sexual feelings and arousal. Why get tempted and indulge in anything that could lead to something to be avoided as a young unmarried Christian couple.

Cuddle but carefully: Another area where many Christian boys and girls are unsure is about cuddling.  The act of cuddling someone is reserved for someone that we are attracted to and love. It is okay to cuddle a bit if you keep control over your passions, and it does not lead to heavy petting or fondling that we all know could be foreplay before engaging in a sexual act.

Christian Dating Advice for Teenagers

It is not mandatory to date: Dating among Christian teenagers is not mandatory, although it is quite common for boys and girls to begin dating in their teen years. Most of it is due to peer pressure to have a partner. You do not need to date anyone, in particular.  You could enjoy various activities just as much with friends.

Keep God central in your life: Ask God for guidance when you intend to begin dating anyone you like to guide and help you to meet the right partner. Dating someone for a short time and then repeating the process with someone new God intended for us as humans. We cannot be in and out of relationships as if we are changing clothes.

Have mature, healthy relationships: You can mix with members of the opposite sex maturely and enjoy healthy relationships. Flirting with someone could lead to unpleasant consequences that you might regret later. Therefore, maintain clean and healthy platonic relationships and wait for the right time for the Almighty to guide you to the right woman or man.

Preferably know the person before you date them: Knowing someone before you date them is always a better idea, as it will lead to more successful dating relationships rather than going on meaningless blind dates with someone you know nothing about.

Christian Advice: When to Start Dating

The answer is simple a Christian should consider dating once they are ready to settle down with a partner in matrimony.

One, they are ready to take the responsibility of a partner: While there is no laid down age of marriage in the Bible, it is best when an individual is financially independent and mature enough to take on the responsibility of being a life partner. While some individuals as young as 23 might be financially viable and mature, older ones are still not ready. There is no hard and fixed rule, and it differs from one individual to another.

Ready for commitment: The purpose of dating someone is to see if they are a suitable match for you. Marrying someone requires commitment from both partners, and they need to be mature enough to accept their roles and responsibilities in the marriage.

Ideally, the best time for a Christian to begin dating is when they connect with someone they like and feel will be a good match for them. At that point, it is time to move beyond just being friends and begin dating romantically as a couple. Sometimes things may not work once you start dating each other, but that is fine. You can choose instead to remain s friends and restart your search for your ideal Christian partner.