5 Christian Dating Myths & Misconceptions

5 Christian Dating Myths & Misconceptions

Below, you'll find five myths & misconceptions about pre-marital relationships.

Five Christian Dating Myths

Here are five myths about dating you should stop believing:

You Must be Friends with Someone First Before Dating Them

It's really awesome if you're friends with someone for a long time and then fall for each other. However, pursuing potential mates by befriending them and hiding your interest to date them will often lead to disappointment in the end. While there's nothing wrong with being friends first, you have to be honest about your feelings and let the person know about it.

Men Should Control Their Sex Drive Until Marriage

Many believers believe that sexual drives are unholy desires. The truth is, sexual drives can become sinful. And, that goes for almost every human desire. However, it doesn't mean it's immoral. One should find a healthy way to express their sexuality. Surely, it'll be difficult, but it's not impossible.

The Lord Will Show You the Person You'll Marry

Stop waiting for God to show you a sign that the individual you date is the one for you. That will never happen. Moreover, waiting for such a revelation isn't faith but fear. A lot of people avoid relationships because they fear the risk and pain it involves.

There Are Clearly Defined Biblical Guidelines for Dating

If you think you'll find specific dating guidelines, good luck finding one because there aren't any. Indeed, there are some biblical principles that you can use. For instance, by following the holy prescriptions for kindness, love, sexual purity, courtesy, and gentleness, you'll make better choices in dating scenarios.

God Has Already Picked the Perfect Girl for You

Most Christians have this wrong belief that they should just sit back because God will do all the heavy lifting for their relationships. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God will present you with a loving relationship while you do nothing. God will always be with you, but you'll have to put in the effort when it comes to your relationships.

Five Christian Dating Misconceptions

In Christian dating, there seem to be certain misconceptions that people have. Here are a few ones that you need to be aware of:

One Should Only Date with a Marriage on their Mind

This is among the biggest misconceptions that the Christian dating culture has instilled in fellow Christians' minds. Dating is a chance for you to know the other person better and experience its advantages and cons. Placing marriage on the table will only make it hard for both partners to enjoy the whole process fully.

Like Everything Else, Obedience is Necessary for Dating

There's value to incorporating the teachings of the Holy Spirit in your relationships. However, you have to remove the idea that God is waiting to punish you for choosing to kiss that girl or boy. Know that the Lord delights in you and will only direct and guide you when you take the wrong route. So, be free, enjoy relationships, and stop letting fear make your decisions.

You Must Not Date Online

This is another ridiculous misconception, and it stems from the belief that the internet is evil and that it's amoral. However, this is a wrong idea, and it's best not to have such thoughts. Today, there are many free Christian dating sites where you can come across genuine and godly singles with the same faith as you. There's nothing wrong with choosing to date online. But, as with anything on the internet, you have to be a little cautious.

Men Always Make the 1st Move

Time and again, you might have heard that:

  • It's wrong and characterless for women to pursue their potential dates first.
  • A man only deserves you if he makes a move first

However, the truth is, if you only wait for the guy you like to approach you first, you might experience disappointment in the end.

You'll Only Meet Trustworthy & Spiritual People at Church

The last misconception of pre-marriage relationships that some followers think is true is that the people they meet at Church or some Christian conference can be trusted. Regardless of where you meet, always avoid being gullible and naïve.