About Us

About Us

Our mission at Single-Christian.net is simple. We want to create an easier dating experience for Christians around the world.

From our trusted reviews of online dating sites, we’ve helped thousands of Christian singles find lasting love. It’s little wonder we’re the number 1 recommendation site for Christian singles online because your love matters so much to us.

Our team of professional experts and writers leave no stone untouched. We work tirelessly to showcase for you the very best features, sites, apps, and more for you to consider.

Every review offers a clear, concise analysis of what you can expect from dating sites. And because we join and test every site beforehand, you can trust our honest judgment.

A Christian Team with Proven Success

As a passionate team of Christian writers, we recognize how important faith is to your love life. That’s why every time we review a site, we do so under a Christian focus.

We want you to feel comfortable, supported, and confident every step of the way. Our goal will always be to match you with the best site and allow your true self to shine.

From matchmaking to sending that all-important first message to planning your very first date, our relationship advice has ensured every relationship that is made continues to grow stronger every day.

With our advice, you’ll find a partner who shares your values, goals, and ambitions and is looking to make a long-term commitment.

At Single-Christian.net, we’re confident that you’ll have a rewarding online dating experience, with Christian care and compassion at its core.

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