Healthy Boundaries for Christian Dating: 7 Practical Tips

Healthy Boundaries for Christian Dating: 7 Practical Tips

With so many Christian dating sites available today, it has become relatively easy to find your ideal girl or boy for dating.

But, as a believer and follower of Jesus, you’re probably aware that there are certain biblical criteria when it comes to what’s considered appropriate and what’s wrong for pre-marriage relationships.

And as expected, sometimes, it’s not easy to maintain these boundaries.

For this reason, we’ll be giving you seven practical tips on how you can set healthy boundaries when dating. So, Keep reading to find out!

Always Remember to Pray

As you start your journey together as a couple, praying is important as it will guide you through the whole dating process. This will further help set healthy boundaries and maintain them as you move forward in your relationship and love life.

Praying at the very beginning of the relationship is essential and helpful. Even before going on a date, pray to God to bless the time you’ll spend together. When you feel like you’re going towards the wrong route, it will prevent you from crossing boundaries.

Spend Less Alone Time/Avoid Late-night Dates

Avoid planning late-night dates, especially if it involves just the two of you. Studies suggest that temptations of people, be it physical or other temptations, tend to be stronger during the night than daytime. And honestly, it makes sense.

Say, for instance, you had a long day at work, and you’re completely stressed out, so when you reach home, you want to relax, get on your pajamas and eat a huge gallon of ice cream – there goes your Newyear resolution down the drain. So, the takeaway here is to avoid going on late-night dates to stay away from temptations.

Plan Group Dates with Close Friends

You don’t have to stop going on late-night dates altogether. One of the best options for you is to plan double or group dates with your close friends rather than just going out by yourselves.

Sometimes surrounding yourself with friends and family, rather than just spending your time by yourself, can be quite healthy for the relationship. Spending time with close friends is also a great practice as it’ll keep your mind free of unhealthy thoughts.

Seek the Advice of Trusted Friends, Pastors, or Family Members

Almost every article, blog post, and guide on Christian dating talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with trusted friends, pastors, and mentors. That’s because these are people who can be accountable with and get advice on relationships.

And one of the most practical ways to apply this tip is to find one or two friends with whom you can be unapologetically honest. Having someone give you raw accountability will provide you with the strength in moments of sinful temptations.

Be Explicitly Specific About Your Boundaries

This is crucial because every individual is different. For instance, the person you’re dating may not want to kiss or perhaps avoid any form of physical intimacy before marriage. As such, it’s imperative to discuss these matters before you move forward in your relationship.

People have different boundaries about what is considered okay and what is not, and you must talk about it to your partner. Where do you want to draw the line? Make sure you mention every nitty-gritty detail to avoid any gray areas when it comes to your boundaries.

Have a Certain Degree of Spiritual Independence

You have to make sure you don’t always depend on your partner to get that nurturing spirituality from. You have to maintain your relationship with God to support and guide you in life.

It’s also essential that you keep that in balance because it’s always healthy to share the spiritual experience, go to church together, and serve God together. Just make sure you have that for yourself.

Don’t Focus too Much on Boundaries

Lastly, you want to make sure that you’re not always wondering if you’re crossing your boundaries or not every time you take action. By this, we mean:

  • Shifting your mentality and
  • Focus rather than thinking how far you can go before God gets mad at you

Rather than that, you should change your focus and ask questions like how you can best glorify God in your relationship.