Ten Life-Changing Christian Dating Principles

Ten Life-Changing Christian Dating Principles

Here are ten life-changing Christian dating principles you might want to consider:

You Need to Stop Searching for "the One"

if you keep looking for "the one," you'll never be happy because no such person exists. Dating isn't about finding the perfect girl or boy who ticks all the boxes.

Instead, it's about being with someone despite the differences and imperfections because that's what makes any relationship beautiful. God loves you despite all your flaws, and as believers of Jesus, you shouldn't reject someone because of their differences.

Don't Date Without the Intention to Marry

As Christians, when you date someone, you should do so to marry. By this, we mean you shouldn't date someone just for fun, but with a purpose.

Of course, marrying the first person you date sounds great, but it isn't realistic. The point is when you date, you should do it because you're serious about finding love and get married eventually.

Avoid Dating Non-Believer

It will be in your best interest as a Christian if you avoid dating people of a different faith. When you date someone with the same religion, you can be confident that they will always be there to keep your faith stronger.

That's because even on days when you feel like your life is a mess and your faith wavers, a Christian partner will support you and stop you from forgetting your Christian values. Moreover, there are several free Christian dating sites available, so it's much easier to find someone with the same faith as you.

Stop Dating with Intentions to Convert Your Partner

Some Christians rationalize dating people of other religious backgrounds because they feel their effort might encourage their partners to convert. If you have the same thoughts, kindly get it out of your head because it's wrong. Remember that:

  • it's not your job to change people's faith; only God can draw people to church.
  • Your only job is to lead your life through His teachings and set godly examples.

Maintain Your Sexual Purity

It's understandable to have sexual temptations when dating someone you adore or even love. If you're not careful, you might even give in to your temptations and indulge in premarital sex. As Christians, it's imperative to look out for this unholy desire and do your best to avoid acting upon it.

Have Patience

Like most things in life, only time will tell, and this includes dating. Be patient and take your time to understand love and infatuation. Besides, you have to be spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically prepared first before you date someone exclusively.

Keep Your Mind Free of Impure Thoughts

Another important principle of dating as Christians is making sure your mind is pure. While achieving a pure mindset requires a lot of discipline and patience, it's the best gift you can offer your future partner.

Avoid Co-dependent Dating

If you're someone who relies on others to give you peace, joy, or purpose, you shouldn't be dating. Co-dependency, whether in dating or marriage, will only crumble in the end. Put God first before starting to date; otherwise, you'll always be searching for something better. Remember that only God can complete you.

Make Sure You Surround Yourself with Other Fellow Believers

When you date, have a certain group of people, close friends, family, or pastor, to give their thoughts about the relationship. That's because even if your feelings might blind you, your close friends can see any problem or inconsistencies you can't. By relying on individuals you trust for advice on your relationship, you'll be more responsible and prevent yourself from making wrong choices.

Avoid Leaving Someone the Moment a Difficulty Arise

When you date someone, make sure you're serious about the person you're dating. Also, if you're thinking of dating multiple individuals hoping that at least one will turn out to be your spouse, you need to remove such a toxic mentality.

Having such a mindset will only promote breakups. We're often told that it's okay to date around and learn more about ourselves. Most people have the wrong notion that you have to leave when a problem arises in your relationship. As a good Christian, you have to avoid such a mentality.