Why You Should Join Christian Dating Sites

Everyone wants to find their soulmate, someone to spend the rest of their lives with. And if you’re a Christian, no doubt you want to find someone who shares your morals and values.

But let’s admit one harsh fact; mainstream dating sites and apps make things harder than they need to be and focus too much on casual fun and friendship.

So what can singles do? The answer is joining the best Christian dating sites, of course! These sites specialize in matching you with like-minded people who are looking for long-term commitment and relationships.

How to Choose the Best Dating Site for Christians

There are several things you should consider when joining these dating sites. First, let’s consider faith:

  • Is the site exclusively for Christians?
  • Can you put your denomination on your profile?
  • Are you asked about marriage or what kind of relationship you are looking for at signup?
  • Can divorced people join?
  • Can you mention elements of faith that are important to you? (Scripture, biblical verses, etc.)
  • If you are a member of the LGBT+ community, are same-sex matches allowed on the site?

Next, let’s think about how the site functions:

  • How easy is it to join the site? What do you need?
  • Are there any identity verification features?
  • Do sites use personality questions to make matches? Or location? Age?
  • Are there mobile apps or chatroom features?
  • Is the site free? Can I test its features before paying for an upgrade?

What Are the Advantages of Christian Dating Sites?

Traditionally, Christians may have found love with members of their local church. But nowadays, it’s much easier to find love online.

We know what you might be thinking – isn’t online dating more about casual fun and friendship?

Let’s take a look at what makes Christian dating sites so effective:

Christian matches

Christian dating sites are primarily focused on matching people who are looking for a long-term commitment. These sites value slow-paced relationships and making real connections. You can expand your romantic horizons in a safe, respectful environment.

Matching with Christians on these sites can still follow the same path as traditional dating sites and apps. You can swipe right or send messages to profiles which interest you, and you may be attracted to looks as much as profile content.

Members of these dating sites will all have high regard for scripture and worship, so it might be good to focus initial messages around these areas. Your match will appreciate the thought behind this effort.

Lastly, the real benefit of matching with a Christian is that these members are all looking for the same thing – a soul mate to commit to.

Find a Compatible Partner

Before evening sending one simple message, you already have so much in common with members who use these sites.

The best Christian dating sites will help you explore your faith together and make a compatible match. For example, many sites use personality questionnaires to find suitable dates.

Some dating sites host prayer groups and discussion forums, where you can meet with other Christians and talk about customs, practices, and more. You’ll make friends and perhaps meet the love of your life this way, too!

Platforms Match You Based on Biblical Principles

Christian dating sites recognize that scripture is of the utmost importance to followers.

Some of the best dating sites will ask you for both your favorite biblical verses and principles that you live by. These statements of faith are very useful in finding like-minded people to talk to.

You can also put this information in your dating profile, making a great ice-breaker to new matches you make. Likewise, biblical principles are a great opening message to send potential matches.

Who Can You Find on Christian Dating Sites?

Because of how easy and effective they are, Christians from all walks of life are now using online dating sites to find love.

In your area, you will find various faithful singles of various ages, professions, and backgrounds. Many Christian sites go one step further and may focus on specific areas, including denominations, ethnicity, or age profiles (e.g., teenage or seniors).

Some sites even specialize in international Christian dating, further building bridges between faith. While the members may differ, one thing remains common in every site you can use – members are all looking for lifelong partners and commitment in Christ.

What Are the Most Popular Christian Dating Sites?

While many dating sites and apps cater to Christians, we hold some specific sites in high regard.


With many members online throughout the day, Matchurlove.com is the perfect Christian dating site for you to start your journey on.

We love that this website is both simple to use and free to join. Extensive search filters allow you to refine matches, and a ‘Like Gallery’ makes contact with new members incredibly easy.

There’s a good balance of both men and women who use the site, all showing a preference for long-term romance. While all ages use Matchurlove.com, and the primary age bracket is 35 years old. The website is mobile-optimized, meaning it will work and load fast on your smartphone.


With just a few personality questionnaires, Christianmingle.com helps you make meaningful matches quickly.

When creating an account, you’ll be asked various faith-based questions to match you with a like-minded Christian.

You can sort your matches by location, new members, online activity, and more. This site has a mobile app, allowing you to match with people while on the go from your smartphone.

Are All the Singles on Christian Dating Sites Truly Believers?

Most if not all members who use Christian dating sites are true believers in their faith.

The reason we are confident in saying this is because many sites have faith-based questions when creating profiles. They give clear signals to members when joining that Christian faith is a common ground everyone should enjoy to benefit from using the site.

That said, people do have varying degrees of faith. Some people are practicing religion every day, week, or on special occasions. Some like the idea of commitment, such as marriage, while others are in the early stages of faith development and simply want to make new friends.

The Difference of Dating a Christian

While every Christian has varying degrees of faith, most will observe the following points:

  • No sexual relations before marriage
  • Marriage is to be celebrated in a church with a priest
  • Children are to be baptized
  • That you regularly attend worship as a couple
  • Saying grace before every meal
  • Celebrating religious holidays through the liturgical year, including Christmas and Easter
  • Practicing traditions such as gift-giving, Lent during Easter, etc.
  • Complete fidelity and long-term faithfulness to each other

It’s a good idea throughout your relationship to discuss these points. Keep an open mind about what you and your partner expect from each other, and where possible, find a compromise.

Stereotypes in Christian Dating

As with any kind of dating, you might have certain reservations or thoughts about what it’s like to date a Christian.

Firstly, everyone can have stereotypes. But it’s important to remind yourself of the facts before joining a Christian dating site, that every member is unique in their special way.

Here are some stereotypes you should keep in mind:

Christians aren’t romantic – Many Christians show affection regularly to their loved ones and celebrate everything from birthdays, anniversaries to Valentine’s Day, and more. Don’t be afraid of showing your matches affection and appreciation.

Christians can’t loosen up – Christians can have as much fun as anyone else. They may drink, go to parties, have hobbies outside of their faith, and more. Remember, everything in moderation!

Christians are small-minded – Not all Christians are ultra-conservative. Quite the opposite! Many Christians have mutual respect for people of other faiths. Many members of the LGBT+ community are practicing Christians.

Online dating is non-committal – Traditionally, Christians may have found love within their church. Online dating is a new venture which some mistakenly think focuses solely on casual fun and friendship. The best Christian dating sites value commitment and emphasize the importance of faith within their site’s design.

Try Christian dating sites for free today!